Trinity / Ceremony Flower Essence



Visionary | Seeker | Spiritual Awakening

This formula contains 3 of the main flowers used in curanderismo, for spiritual sight and transfiguration. These are gentle flowers with the fierce power of psychic sight, known for their ability to grant telepathy. Many practitioners use them for dream recall, lucid dreaming, or within tea ceremonies to ground the soul as it enters the realms of Spirit.

*Flower Essences are psychosomatic medicines. They are made by infusing Flower elementology and geometry into the pattern of the water - becoming a conductor to support transform cellular function. Flower essences balance the emotions and the psyche.

Drink 5-10drops daily in a meditative atmosphere.

Essences of: Red Datura Flower, Amazonian Tobacco Flower, Chacruna Flower.

Dosage: Drink 1-2x per day, 5-10drops in a meditative mood.

Intake daily for optimum results. You can place the drops directly into your mouth, or add it into your water or tea to increase the vibration of your beverage. 

*It is wise and essential to understand that whenever vibrational remedies are used, they are greatly enhanced through meditation, especially when combined with creative visualization.

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