Elderberry Restore



A Splash of Sweet Health & Rejuvenation.

Beautifully crafted by combining our Traditional Elderberry Syrup with ADAPTOGENS-Schisandra Berries | Ashwaganda | Eleuthero Root | Tulsi.  ADAPTOGENS are a class of herbs that help the body adapt to stress better & also bring energy where it is depleted.

Our prize Elderberry Syrups are a crowd favorite. Handcrafted and available year-round, these concentrated formulas are intended to help boost immune and digestive health. With our proprietary blends including elderberries, cinnamon, ginger, clove, and local CT honey, these syrups are a great addition to your daily routine.

Flavors and Aromas.
  • Elderberry
  • Cinnamon
  • Ginger
  • Clove
  • Local CT Honey
  • Schisandra Berries
  • Ashwaganda
  • Eleuthero Root
  • Tulsi

4oz & 8oz.

About our Tonics & Elixirs. 

For our customers looking for something a little stronger, we always recommend giving our tonics and elixirs a try. Although both provide our bodies with that kickstart we often need, Whole Harmony’s tonics aim to promote overall health while our elixirs work on a restorative level to fend off impending ailments. Loaded with a plethora of anti-bacterial and anti-inflamatory ingredients, our blends are truly bionic!

How will these Tonics & Elixirs make me feel?

Though there is certainly a differentiation between the two, our tonics and elixirs both work to target areas of imbalance within the mind and body. Stress, lethargy, exhaustion, anxiety—you name it. With the recommended dosage, our infusions will aim to restore harmony on a variety of emotional and physical levels.

What's the best way to drink these?

For our Elderberry Syrup, we recommend taking a daily dosage of one teaspoon—but get creative! Try adding a splash of seltzer or drizzle over some ice cream. You won’t regret it :)

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