Whole Harmony’s Historic USDA Organic Certification: A Triumph for Akwesasne and Native American Resilience

Stacey Wood Founder and CEO and David Soule Co-founder of Whole Harmony at the Organic Certified Tea Facility on Akwesasne Mohawk Nation Land We are thrilled to announce a momentous achievement for Whole Harmony: our tea manufacturing facility on the Akwesasne reservation in Hogansburg, NY has received USDA Organic certification, making us the first organic tea manufacturer on a Native American reservation in the United States! This accomplishment is not just a milestone for our company but a victory for the Akwesasne community and Native American cultures nationwide.

Whole Harmony's Tea Fairies at the newly organic certified tea manufacturing facility they work at. Securing this certification was no small feat. The journey to organic certification demands rigorous standards, including impeccable record-keeping, thorough cleaning practices, exceptional team communication, and a steadfast commitment to the highest quality ingredients. As Stacey Wood, our founder and CEO, eloquently put it, “We've been striving to achieve this for so long. It's a huge undertaking to get your products certified organic, let alone an entire facility. Traceability, liability, impeccable record-keeping, spotless cleaning, exceptional team communication + commitment to the highest quality ingredients on the planet.”

Stacey, a member of the Bear Clan of the Mohawk Nation, emphasized the cultural significance of this certification.

“Probably the coolest thing about this is it's on my reservation in Akwesasne (upstate NY) at our retail store. I'm super proud of this. The fact that the Tea Fairies (including me) who make the tea are from the Bear Clan. We're the medicine makers. I love that in some small way we're reviving + living our culture.”

Organic certified tea from the first organically certified manufacturing facility on a Native American Reservation

This achievement resonates deeply with our mission to honor and revive Native American cultural heritage. In a world where Native American cultures have faced relentless persecution and marginalization, this certification stands as a testament to resilience and the healing power of plant medicine. It reflects our dedication to providing health and healing through pure and unadulterated products, without chemicals or additives. As we continue to scale our teas across the country, we remain committed to our roots and our mission. We strive to create products that are not only beneficial to health but also honor the traditions and knowledge of our ancestors. This certification is a step forward in our journey, and we are excited to share this moment with our community and supporters.

Thank you for being part of our journey. 🙏🏼

We look forward to bringing you more plant medicine products that embody our commitment to quality, sustainability, and cultural heritage.

We are incredibly proud to have the first organic certified tea manufacturing facility on a Native American reservation, creating healing medicine and providing employment to the community. As part of our commitment to supporting Native American causes, we encourage you to learn more about the organizations we support by visiting their websites below.