Farm-to-Cocktail Nights- SUCCESS!!!

We were so excited to start planning these magical nights way back in June, but you guys made these nights so much more enjoyable than we imagined them beingWe had 4 SOLD OUT nights for our annual farm tours this year. 

We started the night out by giving a tour of our beautiful farm, starting with the newest editions, our zinnias and dahlias. We wondered over to our Spilanthes, commonly known as the toothache plant, where everyone nibbled on one (It was quite a show to see everyone's reactions!). We eventually ended up by our Nettles patch and back around to our Rose bushes where we concluded the tour. 

Then the real fun began- DRINKS!

Here are the mocktails | cocktails you had at the event:

Lavender Lemonade | Lavender Elderberry Lemon Drop Martini

Gojiberry Raspberry Ice Tea | Gojiberry Raspberry Mojito

Strawberry Goddess | Divatini 

Peach Tranquility | Peach Tranquility Mojito 

Blueberry Vitality | Blueberry Vitality Martini


We would love to hear which drink was your favorite, as we struggle to decide ourselves. Thank you to all who attended and respectfully followed our social distancing protocols- we appreciated it. We hope you had just as much fun as we did!!

Until next year!