Sugar & Spice Penguin Paradise Ornament


Dreams of winter wonderlands sparked the idea for our delightful “Penguin Paradise” Mug Buddy cookie ornament. A sprinkling of snowflakes drift onto an icy blue roof as little penguins wearing ear muffs are ready to play on a cheerfully chilly day!

Packaged in a crystal clear box with a ribbon for hanging, this Mug Buddy doubles as both a delightful tree decoration and a sweet treat. As the decorations come down, open the ornament box and enjoy the “Penguin Paradise” Mug Buddy with your favorite warm beverage. It's true what they say - the best things come in small packages! 

Every Mug Buddy is hand decorated and assembled by one an icing artists. House dimensions: 1.5inX1.5inX 1.5in. Cushioned with complimentary crinkle.

Flavor: Sugar & Spice

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