Rose Quartz Candle


 Please note, this candle comes with a tin screw top – not a wood cork as pictured.


The scent of secret gardens,  

Thickets of wild roses burst into bloom along stone-lined garden beds.  Dewy blossoms and sweet fragrant woods fill the cool morning air with an aura of complete peace. The feeling of a heart overfilled with love. 

Infused with natural Rose Quartz Crystals, this Natural Soy Candle is handcrafted exclusively with pure essential oils. Mindfully designed to bring us back to a moment where we have felt unconditional love, evoking a sense of balance within the Heart Chakra. 


Top NotesClementine
Heart Notes: Bulgarian Rose
Base Notes:  Himalayan Cedarwood, Vetiver


Love manifests in many forms and our Heart Chakra works to balance them all; governing our sense of compassion, forgiveness and of course, love.  Rose Quartz  is a crystal that encourages an open heart;  helping to forgive &  love others, to love ourselves, and to take a moment and smell the roses.

Net Weight: 8 oz
Approx 40 hour Burn Time

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