Physical Tranquility Sleep Remedy


Physical Tranquility is for the physically restless and overheated sleeper, who tosses and turns through the night, leaving them agitated and unsettled the next morning. Inspired by the classic Chinese herbal medicine formula Emperor of Heaven Elixir (Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan), this natural, non-habit forming sleep formula is designed to calm and cool the body during the night, delivering peaceful rest and more energy the next day. Used for hundreds of years, they’ve modernized it for a night of quality sleep you’ve never dreamed of.

Physical Tranquility is great for:

  • Those who sleep hot in the night
  • The physically restless sleeper who tosses and turns
  • Those who experience evening agitation before bed
  • Women in the menopause phase of their lives
  • Establishing a quality, un-interrupted sleep pattern

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