Lotus / Transformation Flower Essence



Ancient Wisdom / Akashic Records / Telepathic Wisdom

Lotus has been regarded as the mother essence. One of the first flowers to exist on our planet, Lotus allows us to come closer to our truest expression. It brings light into the authentic purity of our being, allowing deep unfolding of our light body. Lotus also teaches us the power within our heritage, and how we can discover the wisdom within our DNA. 

This essence is also enhanced by White Pond Lily and Lemurian crystal quarts. Both vibrationally support and fine-tune the Lotus vibration. White Pond Lily grounds the energy, and the Lemurian Quartz opens the wisdom residing within our DNA.

*Flower Essences are psychosomatic medicines. They are made by infusing Flower elementology and geometry into the pattern of the water - becoming a conductor to support transform cellular function. Flower essences balance the emotions and the psyche. 

Drink Daily 5-10 drops in a meditative atmosphere.

Ingredients: Pink Lotus, White Pond Lily, & Lemurian Crystal Quartz.

Dosage: 1-2x per day, 5-10 drops in a meditative mood

*It is wise and essential to understand that whenever vibrational remedies are used, they are greatly enhanced through meditation, especially when combined with creative visualization.

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